June 15, 2014

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to write about something like this.  In a perfect world it wouldn’t be legal to have your unborn child killed.  We wouldn’t allow an unborn children to be killed at any point in their young lives, whether they could feel it or not.  On Father’s Day I would be remiss if I didn’t remind all fathers that our most important duty in life is to protect our children.

On June 19 of last year I felt compelled to remind the President of the magnitude of the killing that goes on in our country’s abortion mills every year.  The numbers are staggering, and so is the President’s refusal to lift a finger to stop the slaughter.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

June 19, 2013


Mr. President:

What’s in a number?  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act protects unborn children 20 weeks old and older from the horror of abortion.  Ask yourself these questions: When did the countdown to 20 weeks start?  Was it at the moment of conception?  Does the determination that an unborn child is 20 weeks old confirm that it is a living human being that has been alive for 20 weeks?  If a child has been alive for 20 weeks, what possible legal or moral justification could there be for killing it at any point in its life, starting at the moment of conception?

One more question Mr. President:  Why is it only wrong to kill a child if it is capable of feeling the pain of being killed?   I’ll help you out since I’m pretty sure you don’t have access to your teleprompter on the rare occasion that you actually read a letter from an American citizen.  A child is a living human being from the moment of conception and is endowed by our Creator with the same right to life as you and I.  Engaging in the intentional killing of a child at any point in its life at any time after conception is not only a violation of the law of man, but of God’s law as well.  Short answer so even you can understand: Killing kids is wrong! Don’t do it!

Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to describe a brutally effective abortion technique your friends at Planned Parenthood are quite fond of.  It’s called saline amniocentesis and got its inspiration from none other than the Nazi concentration camps.

A syringe is inserted into the amniotic sac and up to 8 ounces of amniotic fluid is withdrawn.  The abortionist then injects a concentrated salt solution into the amniotic sac.  The salt solution burns the child’s skin and sears its lungs, inflicting indescribable pain that usually kills the child within an hour.  One to two days later the mother delivers the dead, shriveled body of her baby.  We’ve all had the experience of salt on a cut or scrape and know how it feels.  Imagine that pain over your entire body, including your lungs, until you die.  That’s how the greatest country on earth treats its unborn.

What’s in a number?  334,000 stories of pain and suffering, all ending in the death of a human being, all performed in the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood just last year.

Mr. President, one last question:  How many innocent children will you allow to be killed this year?

cc: Planned Parenthood


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