Letter to Planned Parenthood #45

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 June 25, 2014

 Ms. Richards:

Wednesdays are weight training days for me.  Tonight as I neared the end of my workout I was reminded of just how quickly things can change.  As I was doing my last set of inverted pull-ups, both my pull-up handles broke and I fell awkwardly on my back and hip on a ceramic tile floor.  I laid on the floor for a couple minutes assessing the damage; a bloody chin, cuts on both arms, an egg sized and growing goose egg near my right elbow, a twisted back, and a really sore right hip.  I’ve been hurt a lot worse and life goes on.

Ms. Richards, during the 2 to 3 minutes I spent checking my injuries out, America’s abortion industry killed another 7 unborn children.  Life goes on for Planned Parenthood and its colleagues; but for the 7 innocent children you killed as I lay on the floor, it all ended today.   If I had fallen at a slightly different angle or my pull-up handles had broken at a different stage of my pull-up motion, the outcome for me could have been a lot worse.  Life can change and life can end just that quickly.

As I type today’s letter, in fulfillment of my promise to myself and God that I will do something every day to end abortion, more parts of my 60 year old body are starting to hurt.  Pain reminds me that the gift of life I was allowed to exercise doesn’t come with a guarantee that every day will be easy or that bad things won’t happen.   Life’s only promise is that it will give you everything you ask of it; all you have to do is ask.

Ms. Richards, the fledgling lives your organization ended today were all denied their chance at greatness.  They were all moving inexorably toward their individually and universally unique journeys.  Your organization felt it was appropriate to value each of these priceless lives at a couple hundred bucks before you brutally ended them.

I can already tell that I’m going to be pretty sore tomorrow.  That’s ok.  I’ll deal with it and I’ll still be on the job tomorrow night trying to put you out of business.  My injuries will heal in pretty short order, but the daily heartbreak I feel for all the innocent lives you and your colleagues end will only stop when your doors close for the last time.

I’ll be back tomorrow, in honor of my children, grandsons, and every child that deserves the same Right to life that you and I enjoy.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc: Planned Parenthood

Salisbury, Md.


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