June 26, 2014

At the end of June last year I was fired up over the seemingly endless stream of blithering idiots speaking out for the legal killing of our unborn children.  Nancy Pelosi was being Nancy Pelosi, and Wendy Davis had just arrived on the scene as the latest cheerleader for America’s abortion industry.  In the case of Senator Davis, if the only cogent argument she can form against closing abortion clinics that can’t meet strict medical standards is that women seeking abortions will be forced to travel farther to have their child killed, she’s in trouble.

It’s hard to debate a topic like abortion with disingenuous people who fail to acknowledge the scientific and moral reality that unborn children are living human beings.  Hard or not, I intend to keep up the fight.  The following letter was on its way to the White House last June 30, destined, no doubt, to the same fate suffered by 3,500 unborn American children that same day; discarded like so much trash.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 June 30, 2013

Mr. President:

Recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked to explain the moral difference between killing a baby inside the womb as opposed to killing the same baby shortly after birth.  In a classic example of cranial rectal insertion, this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance simply answered that the priest asking the question was “being hysterical.”  Mr. President, you must be so proud of Ms. Pelosi, who claims to be a devout Catholic out one side of her mouth while simultaneously advocating for the brutal killing of our unborn and newly born children out the other side.

Sir, as I’ve stated in previous letters to you, the pro-abortion side, Ms. Pelosi, Planned Parenthood, and the rest of your friends in the abortion industry represent the ultimate in hypocrisy.  One inconvenient fact that none of you can dispute is that 100% of you were allowed to be born.   How dare you and your ilk, after receiving the gift of life, deem yourselves to be the arbiters of who gets to live and who doesn’t?

Mr. President, please keep trotting blithering idiots like Ms. Pelosi out in front of the cameras to state the case for legal abortion.  Her clownish demeanor and abject ignorance of the facts, combined with her seeming inability to organize and communicate a rational thought makes her one of the best friends the pro-life movement could ever have.

Mr. President, another unintentional friend of the pro-life movement is State Senator Wendy Davis of Texas.  Her 11 hour filibuster this past week of Texas’s ban on aborting unborn children 20 weeks and older was a circus.  By using delaying tactics and civil disobedience within the Senate chamber, she and her co-conspirators were able to run out the clock on a bill that she knew was going to pass.  What I will never understand is how a mother of 2 can be so willing to fight against protecting unborn children from an excruciatingly barbaric death after medical science has proved that they can feel the pain of being killed.

I happened across Senator Davis this morning as she was taking her victory lap on Face the Nation.  Although unlike Ms. Pelosi, being able to communicate in complete sentences, the premise she relies on and the illogical justification of her actions is no less baffling.  One of Sen. Davis’s problems with the bill was a provision that would impose stringent medical competency requirements on abortion providers, resulting in the likely closure of all but 5 abortion centers in Texas.  Her problem, in her eyes, was that women seeking to have their child killed at an abortion clinic would now have the hardship imposed upon them of having to drive a longer distance to have it done.

Mr. President, if ignorance is bliss, you and your pro-abortion friends have been doubly blessed with both.

cc: Planned Parenthood


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