As I look back on pieces I wrote nearly a year ago, not much has changed. ISIS is still spreading terror, I’m still stressed out at work, and thousands of unborn children are still being killed every day in America’s abortion mills. When we take the time to look at things in their proper perspective, most of the things we spend our time worrying about are simply not worth it. A bad day at work doesn’t seem that bad when you compare it to the day that over 3,000 innocent children had in an abortion clinic, as their lives were brought to an unceremonious and brutal end. When we view the events of our lives in perspective, if we’re lucky, we see our true purpose for being here at this time and at this place. If we then have the courage to act on our true purpose, we can move mountains. My mountain is the abortion industry, and my purpose is to chip away at it until it no longer exists; however long it takes.

Pro Life Pop Pop

The last few weeks have been a very stressful time for me at work, and based on my workload, I don’t see it getting any better any time soon.  At this stage of my life I’ve learned to look at the big picture and view things in perspective during times like this.  While I may not be having fun at work these days, it could be worse.  Every day that I think I’m overworked or over stressed more than 3,000 unborn children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs in America. It seems that in the big scheme of things my problems just aren’t that important.

My stressful job provides me the means to contribute to worthy charities and to spoil my grandsons.  I look at every day at work as 1 less day I have to wait before I can pursue my goal of working on a full time basis…

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