Hope is a great thing if you’re willing to work for the things you hope for. When I wrote this piece in July of 2014 I had hope that abortion would end in my lifetime. I still hold that hope and I’m working to achieve the one thing I feel called to do. Our unborn children don’t know what hope is, and without the help of those of us willing to help, they never will.

Pro Life Pop Pop

I believe with all my heart that hope, without action, will always leave you with nothing but a handful of nothing.  I hope and pray to live to see a world without abortion.  I also know that I can’t just sit by and hope that someone else stands up for the world’s unborn children.  I  write my letters and posts to raise awareness and, quite frankly, to point a finger at those in the business of killing babies for money and those who enable and support them.  I don’t live my life hoping that those who feel that a woman has the right to have her baby killed will magically change their minds and like me.  I really don’t care if they like me.  My one and only goal with my work is to save children.

At my age I can look back and see how much my country and the world…

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