Letter to National Abortion Federation #1

A couple years ago I made my first contact with Vicki Saporta, the head of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). I’m amazed at all the parasites and hangers on that fight for their piece of the financial pie that exists in the wake of the death and destruction that Planned Parenthood inflicts on America’s unborn children. When I wrote this letter 2 years ago, NAF was promoting abortion as a safe medical procedure. Safe for who? Certainly not the unborn child. They’re still out there, advocating for the legal murder of innocent children.

Try to imagine going to work every day to promote the killing of innocent children. That’s what Ms. Saporta and everyone on her staff does. I’ll continue to work every day to put Ms. Saporta and her staff out of a job.

Pro Life Pop Pop

National Abortion Federation

1660 L Street NW

Suite 450

Washington, D.C. 20036

Attn:    Vicki Saporta

October 13, 2013

Ms. Saporta:

My role as a pro-life advocate requires me to make contact with some pretty despicable people and organizations.  Your National Abortion Federation is one of them.  The concept of openly campaigning for the unrestricted killing of our unborn children is something that is unthinkable to me.  We were all unborn children at some stage in our lives and were totally dependent on the love, kindness, and mercy of others to simply be born.  Ms. Saporta, the scientific evidence that unborn children are living human beings from the moment of conception is incontrovertible. Their beating hearts are detectable within 21 days of conception.

The NAF, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL, among others, are constantly touting abortion as a woman’s right.  While it is legal for a woman to choose to…

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