Legislative Accountability Act of 2013

Our elected representatives pass massive bills without even reading them. ObamaCare had placeholders in the bill where the details could be filled in after the bill, that nobody read, was passed. In November of 2013, out of my frustration with Washington, I published the Legislative Accountability Act of 2013. It was a mix of wishful thinking and apoplexy over the utter dysfunction of the men and women we elect to do our bidding. Nothing has changed, and both parties are equally at fault. Until honor and integrity replace the greed and incompetence of our leaders, I’ll continue to stir things up. The way I see it, they’re too lazy to audit me and too vain to think I’m writing about them.

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Legislative Accountability Act of 2013


Since the Obama administration took office they have been hell-bent to rush one massive spending bill after another through Congress before the American public could see what was in them; with few, if any, members of the House or Senate even taking time to read them.  These bills were all rushed through Congress without giving average Americans time to review them or comment to their elected representatives, all with the goal of implementing President Obama’s radical leftist agenda as quickly as possible; damn the details or consequences.

Finally, some good news for a change:

The Legislative Accountability Act of 2013 has been introduced in an effort to slow the process down and allow all Americans time to review pending legislation before it can be rushed to passage.  This bill will also require all members of Congress to certify that they have completely read and…

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